About our Supported Accommodation

Our Offer

Our supported accommodation service gives young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness the specialist support they need to find stability and move on in their lives. Our support is provided by our Tenant Support Workers. 

Support is tailored to meet the individual needs of our young people and can be delivered in a number of different ways. Support is about helping young people to develop their independent living skills and help them reach their full potential.

Some of the support available can include:

  • Budgeting
  • Exploring education, training and employment opportunities
  • Life skills
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Wellbeing Support
  • Access to a trained counsellor
  • Benefit application/advice
  • Move-on support
  • Referral/signposting to other agencies

If the young person moves into one of our properties at 16/17 they stay within our supported accommodation until they reach 18. They are then supported to explore move-on options after they reach 18 and move-on support is offered for 6 months.

If the young person moves into one of our properties at 18+ the plan is for them to stay within our supported accommodation for a minimum of 6 months or until they are ready to move-on to independent living. Once they have moved on, support is offered for a further 6 months.

Our Properties

All of our properties are fully furnished and self-contained.  We have 11 one bedroom flats and 8 two bedroom houses. Our properties are not covered by staff 24 hours a day but we do operate an out of hours’ service for emergencies.

What our young people said about living with us

“My support worker always being available. ‘Got a lot of experience and capability for when I move on”

“The best bit about support accommodation is it has helped me get more comfortable about opening up and also about being myself. Thanks to all the support I have received”  

“Having that person there who you can trust and go to for advice. Sort of like a parental figure but you understand it’s professional”

“My support worker has treated me like an adult a made me feel safe, secure and happy and she hasn’t left me in the dark”